French Contemporary Visual Artist

With his multiform work, DomiH is part of the tradition of black to which painters such as Pierre Soulages and Richard Serra belong today.

The artist takes up all its themes. It is as if she has rediscovered the path of the tentative exploration of the restive matter that refuses itself and asks for reliefs, adjustments, compositions to find its right balance and finally produce this light so particular that only "black" produces.

On large monochromes, DomiH transcribes symbols, landscapes, so many forms that appear ghostly and mineral, as if carbonized in the manner of graphite. But they have a light, transparencies and reflections that evoke the other state of carbon: diamond.

Carbon, graphite and diamond, opaque and transparent, light and resistant, ordinary and precious. This is basically what is touching and right in DomiH's work and what gives it a future: to conjugate at all times the fragile balance that belongs to all artistic expression, the necessary requirement and absolute freedom, the work of the material that resists and the poetry of the invisible.

"... With infinite delicacy, DomiH offers, entrusts, abandons the elegant power of her creations to our most intimate, deepest emotions.
DomiH has the mysterious spontaneity of a black lyricism enlightened with grace as much as with elegance."