"It sometimes happens that art brings people together, even if not physically.
It happens that a painting, a sculpture, somehow acts as a catalyst of energies, scattered around us but, very often, hidden inside us.
We unconsciously share deep emotions, experiences, suggestions that, as if by magic, the vision of a work of art makes re-emerge, so that, suddenly, people discover themselves similar, similar and part of a common thought.
So it happened between DomiH and me, my little girl dragging the whale has become in her intention a woman who laboriously tries to move a cross.
A shared feeling, a parallel or perhaps consequent path, a growing up bringing with it the difficulties experienced in childhood, but also a reaffirmation of the strength that we can find within us.
Art can nourish the energy we have within us, sometimes it unites us, it makes us speak the same language, it makes us understand that we are not alone".

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